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Featured Movies :
"Central Intelligence (2016)"
Genre: Comedy , Crime
Release: 17 June 2016
Length: 114 min
Views: 0 (39 votes)
Rate: 80%
"Everybody Wants Some!! (2016)"
Genre: Comedy
Release: 15 April 2016
Length: 117 min
Views: 0 (9 votes)
Rate: 47%
"Demolition (2015)"
Genre: Comedy , Drama
Release: 8 April 2016
Length: 101 min
Views: 0 (21 votes)
Rate: 82%
"Finding Dory (2016)"
Genre: Comedy , Animation , Adventure
Release: 17 June 2016
Length: 97 min
Views: 0 (30 votes)
Rate: 78%
"Adventures in Babysitting (2016)"
Genre: Comedy
Release: 24 June 2016
Length: 105 min
Views: 0 (11 votes)
Rate: 47%
"Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping (2016)"
Genre: Comedy , Music
Release: 3 June 2016
Length: 87 min
Views: 0 (12 votes)
Rate: 73%
"Now You See Me 2 (2016)"
Genre: Comedy , Action , Thriller
Release: 10 June 2016
Length: 129 min
Views: 0 (26 votes)
Rate: 83%
"Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (2016)"
Genre: Comedy , War
Release: 4 March 2016
Length: 112 min
Views: 0 (33 votes)
Rate: 85%
"The Nice Guys (2016)"
Genre: Comedy , Action , Crime
Release: 20 May 2016
Length: 116 min
Views: 0 (30 votes)
Rate: 84%

Recently Added Movies :
"Seattle Road (2015)"
Genre: Drama , Romance
Release: 11 June 2015
Length: 85 min
Views: 0 (0 votes)
Rate: 0%
"Kansas City Royals Royalty Reigns (2016)"
Genre: Sport
Release: 17 June 2016
Length: 90 min
Views: 0 (0 votes)
Rate: 0%
"Croatia vs Portugal UEFA Euro round of 16 (2016)"
Genre: Sport
Release: 25 June 2016
Length: 90 min
Views: 0 (0 votes)
Rate: 0%
"Wales vs Northern Ireland UEFA Euro round of 16..."
Genre: Sport
Release: 25 June 2016
Length: 90 min
Views: 0 (0 votes)
Rate: 0%
"Switzerland vs Poland UEFA Euro round of 16 (2016)"
Genre: Sport
Release: 25 June 2016
Length: 90 min
Views: 0 (0 votes)
Rate: 0%
"Trivisa (2016)"
Genre: Thriller , Crime
Release: 7 April 2016
Length: 97 min
Views: 0 (1 votes)
Rate: 100%
"Dear Eleanor (2016)"
Genre: Comedy , Drama , Adventure
Release: 4 February 2016
Length: 89 min
Views: 0 (0 votes)
Rate: 0%
"The Dark Bar (2008)"
Genre: Thriller , Drama , Short
Release: 29 March 2008
Length: 9 min
Views: 0 (0 votes)
Rate: 0%
"The Fundamentals of Caring (2016)"
Genre: Drama
Release: 24 June 2016
Length: 97 min
Views: 0 (3 votes)
Rate: 93%
Most watched Movies :
"The Avengers (2012)"
Genre: Action , Sci-Fi , Adventure
Release: 4 May 2012
Length: 142 min
Views: 0 (2372 votes)
Rate: 92%
"Fast Five (2011)"
Genre: Action , Thriller , Drama , Crime
Release: 15 April 2011
Length: 130 min
Views: 0 (2599 votes)
Rate: 91%
"Deadpool (2016)"
Genre: Comedy , Action , Adventure
Release: 12 February 2016
Length: 108 min
Views: 0 (231 votes)
Rate: 78%
"Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011)"
Genre: Action , Sci-Fi , Adventure
Release: 29 June 2011
Length: 157 min
Views: 0 (2003 votes)
Rate: 89%
"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1..."
Genre: Fantasy , Action , Adventure , Mystery
Release: 19 November 2010
Length: 146 min
Views: 0 (2105 votes)
Rate: 88%
"Inception (2010)"
Genre: Action , Thriller , Sci-Fi , Mystery , See more
Release: 20 August 2010
Length: 148 min
Views: 0 (1568 votes)
Rate: 92%
"X-Men: First Class (2011)"
Genre: Action , Thriller , Drama , Sci-Fi , Adventure
Release: 3 June 2011
Length: 132 min
Views: 0 (1353 votes)
Rate: 88%
"The Dark Knight Rises (2012)"
Genre: Action , Thriller , Crime , Adventure
Release: 16 August 2012
Length: 164 min
Views: 0 (1135 votes)
Rate: 91%
"Salt (2010)"
Genre: Action , Thriller , See more
Release: 11 August 2010
Length: 100 min
Views: 0 (1359 votes)
Rate: 85%
"Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)"
Genre: Fantasy , Action , Adventure
Release: 25 March 2016
Length: 151 min
Views: 0 (142 votes)
Rate: 70%
"The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 (2011)"
Genre: Fantasy , Drama , Romance , Adventure
Release: 22 December 2011
Length: 117 min
Views: 0 (2058 votes)
Rate: 86%
"The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 (2012)"
Genre: Fantasy , Drama , Romance , Adventure
Release: 14 November 2012
Length: 115 min
Views: 0 (1464 votes)
Rate: 89%

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Last 20 Movie Comments :

The Godfather The Godfather "T" Movies
It wasn't until my second year of film school that a new room mate brought in a tv and vhs. because of the studies i didn't have much time to watch television or go to the movies but having a vhs machine at the time was like a gift from god one weekend when i aced a crucial test. unfortunately for me the only movie my room mate had was the godfather. i must admit at the time 3 hr movies just weren't my bag. but that weekend i thought i'd give this movie a one time shot.... I watched this movie 15 times that weekend. to say it is a great movie is an understatement... Personally....it is the best movie i have ever seen. it encompasses timeless issues like family. respect. honor. revenge. chronicling a crime families struggle to retain it's power when the introduction of drugs changes an honorable business into a seething cesspool of backstabbing scoundrels plotting to wipe them out from directions they can not see nor react to quick enough to defend against. The introduction of drugs to organized business becomes a gold rush too insatiable for 90% of the other crime families to ignore. The problem is the Corleone's sees drugs as bad business that will ultimately lead to their downfall and end their relationship with powerful city officials. Their refusal to indulge in the drug trade and share their powerful connections bring upon the rise of a shifty and elusive set of assassins that are nearly impossible to identify as an aging don who relies upon his keen sense of awareness is undermined by his supposed heir apparent who is so quick to react off the cuff that he undermines the dons authority and exposes his methods to an enemy that is seemingly everywhere yet nowhere at the same time. rendering his ability to react with deductive precise calculations impotent. resulting in catastrophe. Leaving the other son, a soldier, and war hero who was not meant for this life to act as maintenance to preserve his fathers legacy even though it was not the life his father intended. becoming student. maturing to mastermind and being taught by his father the art of the negotiation which accompanied with war tactics learned in the armed forces he puts his own plan in play to reverse a plot to destroy his entire family. Culminating in the ultimate counter strike at the movies conclusion that reveals all the villainous parties in a brutal revenge campaign that is simultaneously orchestrated and systematically efficient when a son is successfully transformed from a soldier to a fearsome force to be reckoned with. a masterpiece 5 out of 5
Lemon tree passage Lemon Tree Passage (2013) "L" Movies
Not bad a movie. Not the greatest because it's been done before but, not the worse I've seen. The first half was a bit boring and confusing but, things picked up for the last half of the movie. I would say this is a decent watch.
The invitation The Invitation (2015) "T" Movies
For most of the movie, I was into it. The tension was palpable and the atmosphere was creepy. Until the ending. That took some shine off the movie for me. It was too formulaic. And also it was too ambiguous. Is it worldwide or local? I would've liked to know. Beside that, a good watch.
Scarface Scarface "S" Movies
Vulgar ultra violent retelling of the Howard Hughes classic set in Miami instead of Chicago where the script was originally set before budgetary restraints forced a relocation to MIAMI where they further altered the script swapping Italians for Cuban refugees. in a move that separated scarface from it's origins and exploited the infestation of drugs and violence that besieged Miami in the early 80's. The movie is about the meteoric rise of an assassin who makes just the right connections at the right times and seizes on every opportunity to leap over manual labor small time hooliganism to becoming king of his own syndicate. But in a bit of irony he flies too close to the sun and pays the ultimate price for getting high on his own supply. Though this movie is not the classic that many people would have you believe it is universally recognized for it's all out finale which sees tony Montana's estate sieged from every possible vantage point by an army of mercenaries and his preparation which includes a coke snorting rampage. The assembling of a fully automatic m-16 customized with a grenade launcher(which almost looks like an M249 SAW because Pacino is so small compared to it's size) and his all out counter attack which nets him a ridiculous body count in the final reel. other than the ferocious finale. this is not really that great of a movie. in fact minus the ending it could be said that the movie is quite limp. However, as i writer myself i will argue that your ending is just as important if not more so than the beginning because it's the last thing you see before you leave the theater. and if you can finish your movie with mega-time. than audiences will forgive a mediocre beginning and an okay middle. 3.5 out of 5
Year of the Dragon Year of the Dragon "Y" Movies
A racist hard boiled cop is called upon to assemble an army of patrol units who tangle with corruption and a then unknown violent triad outfit that is waging war that boils over from china town into the mean streets to his door step and across the world where a vast criminal empire of soldiers plan to assimilate into new york to peddle death and destruction in this awesome crime epic. 5 out of 5
Good revenge western The Duel (2016) "T" Movies
They don't make many quality westerns anymore but this one was well acted as always by Harrelson & Hemsworth was quite good as well....Nice time killer
The tortured The Tortured (2010) "T" Movies
Not a bad one-time watch for me. The ending put me off though. I hated it. Wished it was different, the other way around. One can understand why these parent did what they did, if you're a parent. I definitely would know that if given the chance, I would go down the same path. My kids are my life. And I would have no calms about getting back at someone who would hurt them.
River River (2015) "R" Movies
Real good movie.It's one of those,WHAT WOULD I DO MOVIE.
Resurrecting evil Resurrecting Evil (2013) "R" Movies
Geez, who makes these movies?! Don't these so-called directors know how to pick a cast with actors that can actually act? When sitting for editing, don't they see that the acting sucks. I'm sure they have seen bigger-budget movies and how the actors are believable. Come on! Don't waste your time with this.
Blood sombrero Blood Sombrero (2016) "B" Movies
I gave it a shot, and I couldn't make it further than 15mins. The fight scenes were a joke. Not foe me.


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